About Vienna

HunderwasserArea: 414 km² | Districts: 23 | Inhabitants: 1.9 million
Elevation: 171 meters above sea level | Language: German | Currency: Euro
Vienna in every Season of the Year:
The climate in Vienna is transitional, influenced from the west by the ocean and from the east by the continent. This shows in limited rainfall and longer dry weather periods. The winter is, in comparison to other parts of Austria, rather mild. The urban climate of Vienna is usually warmer than in other parts of Austria. In summer, warm thunderstorms are plentiful and in winter snowfall is rather rare. The highest temperatures are mostly reached in August and average up to about 38.5⁰ C. The coldest period is mostly during January and February with temperatures down to -15⁰ C.
Time Zone
Vienna belongs to the middle European Time Zone (MEZ= GMT/UCT+1). From the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October the time zone switches to Summer Time (MESZ).
For households in Vienna (and thus also for your hotel) the usual current is 230 volts (AC)
The area code for Vienna from abroad is: +43 1