Public Transport

Vienna is divided into 23 districts. Our walks will lead you mostly through “the heart of the city”, Vienna’s 1st District (inside the Ring), but basically all of Vienna is also completely open to you with the underground, tram or taxi.
The underground runs daily from about 5am to about midnight. Trams and busses mostly stop their running times earlier. You will find a detailed schedule at every stop.
Friday and Saturday nights, as well as on holidays, the underground runs 24 hours. Night busses drive along the most important routes through town every night.

Tickets for public transport are available at the multilingual ticket machines in subway stations, in most tobacco shops, in Wiener Linien ticket offices or in the online ticket shop. You can find out about the various options at

You also can get the Wiener Linien App for Get the Wiener Linien App for Android and iPhone.

Single tickets (Einzelfahrscheine) can be used to travel once in one direction. They are valid from the time they are punched in a validating machine until you reach your destination, including (several) transfers. You may change between tram, bus and underground as often as you like, as long as you don’t interrupt your travel.